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Health and education ministries on twitter

Riyadh map

Use the map to add a pin point to any location on a map, also you can link this point to a page from the wiki or to external link, in addition you can add description to this point, moreover you can select the category of this point either event or location.

For sharing on twitter:

  • Sharing with health ministry by puting @SaudiMOH before the link of sharing.
  • Sharing with education ministry by puting @moe_gov_sa before the link of sharing.
  • Sharing with specific account on twitter by putting @username before the link of sharing.
  • Sharing the ink of this page on twitter on specific hashtag such as #health, #health-ministry, #education, or #education-ministry by putting the link of sharing after the hashtag name.

If you have any questions, ideas, or issues in any sector you can post them on the forum at the navigation bar.

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